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Center for Faith & Life

Geneva Tuition Promise Pro Christo et Patria

Sharing the Heart of Geneva College

We affirm that the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are the word of God, given by inspiration of God, and are the only infallible rule for faith and life.

The mission of The Center for Faith & Life is to prepare students in every academic major to walk a biblical view of life and the world into the marketplace.


Partner with mission-aligned learning communities to advance faith and learning


Equip students in every academic major to walk a Biblical view of life in the world


Teach and emphasize the coherence of all wisdom and Knowledge in Christ

Key Initiatives

Service to Mission-Aligned Learning Communities

Providing programs to mentor and support future students

Thought Leadership

Training and developing Geneva Faculty & Staff to be in the forefront of their fields as Christian thought leaders

Courageous Work
in the World

Equipping and preparing students to respond to God's calling in their respective professions

Geneva's Foundation for Biblical Integration

We believe a deeper understanding of the coherence of faith and all of life is desperately needed across our nation and the Church. Providing a Biblical foundation in education helps students live out their faith in all spheres of life, bringing vitality and flourishing to our communities throughout our nation and the world.

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Provost Melinda Stephens
The Center for Faith and Life will allow us to strengthen and share the work that has long been a foundation of our academic program to prepare our students for vocations that honor God and neighbor." Melinda Stephens '93, PhD, Provost

Center for Faith & Life Initiatives

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Closing The Gap

Preparing high school juniors and seniors for the college experience aheadView

Early College

High-quality instruction for high school students who want to get a jump on their future View


Program to educate and provide resources for school counselors View

Honors Program

Motivated learners who support and challenge one other academically, relationally, and spiritually View

Calling and Career

Helping students explore and develop the knowledge needed to pursue their callings and life's work View

Four Year Co-Curricular Plan

Calling and vocation programming that complements the academic curriculum View

Faculty Development Seminars

Intentional training for faculty View

Core Curriculum

Biblical education at the core of every major View

Works of Our Hands

Academic Partners student project presentations View

After High School

A one-day conference designed to prepare students for transition to college. View

CFL Leadership Team

Dr. Jeff Cole

Professor of History, Chair, Department of Core Studies

Dr. Melinda Stephens

Provost, Professor of Chemistry

Willem de Ruijter

VP of Marketing & Enrollment

Krista Autrey

Director of Center for Calling and Career

Jamie Swank

VP and Dean of Student Development

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Closing The Gap

Closing the Gap is a program designed to help prepare high school juniors and seniors for the college experience ahead. Students work with college faculty, campus staff, college students and mentors to develop the skills necessary to thrive in college. This typically takes place over the course of two semesters: Fall and Spring

Early College

The cost of higher education rises each year. One way to lower the price is by beginning college while you’re still in high school.

Geneva College’s Early College program allows high school students to take Geneva courses with Geneva professors—online or on campus—for a fraction of the cost. In addition, Geneva College has partnered with some Christian schools to offer classes in those schools taught by teachers qualified to instruct college-level courses.

Other Early College initiatives such as After High School: Your Transition to College, helps high school students understand calling and cultivate self-care stewardship.

Fly-In/Drive In

Geneva College regularly hosts workshops on campus, providing information and resources designed to prepare and equip school guidance counselors as they guide students in the college search. These events allow for idea sharing, networking, and, in some cases, opportunities to receive CEU credits toward ACSI Counselor certification. Each event also showcases Geneva College and the educational experience and majors it provides.

Geneva Honors Program

The Geneva College Honors Programs provide opportunities for students to challenge themselves by digging deeper into the college experience, exploring what it means to be a Christian scholar and discovering the lordship of Christ in every aspect of academic life.

The three honors programs build upon each other to offer students the chance to progress through their college years while gaining a deeper understanding of how faith informs scholarship in their chosen field of study. These students are able to engage with faculty and with a cohort of other motivated learners who will support and challenge one other academically, relationally, and spiritually during their undergraduate career.

Calling & Career

The Center for Calling & Career assists students, as they prepare to leave Geneva, to follow the calling God has placed on their hearts. From developing resumes, preparing for job interviews, organizing campus career fairs, along with career assessments and more, we ensure that Geneva students are about to move forward from our community with confidence, knowing that they are on the right path.

Calling and vocation programming that complements the academic curriculum

Geneva has calling and vocation programming in place for Faculty and Staff that complements the academic curriculum.

Clarke and Carson Faculty First-Year Seminar

The ministry of education at Geneva College is built on a committed Christian professoriate that conducts our course of studies under the reign of our King, the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word.

Our curriculum, from the core in the Christian Liberal Arts to comprehensive programs in the sciences and professions, continues to depend upon our development as faculty toward a fuller working understanding that from before Creation, all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge—in every field of study and discipline—are found in Christ. That is, in every aspect of wisdom and knowledge available to humanity, the Truth of Christ is already integral.

Geneva's Core Curriculum

The Core ensures a comprehensive education that is Christ-centered, practical, and purposeful.

By combining the major area of study with the core curriculum students learn to Integrate faith and learning and to think constructively and creatively. The curriculum helps students see God’s design in all things and encourages wholehearted community. Together Geneva students discover the compelling significance of God’s calling for their lives within their fields of study.

Works of Our Hands

The ministry of education at Geneva College is built on a committed Christian professoriate that conducts our course of studies under the reign of our King, the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word.

After High School: Your Transition to College

This one-day conference is designed to equip and empower students to faithfully enter college and navigate a potentially overwhelming transition. Students will explore central topics such as, What is Calling?, Integration of Faith and Learning, Self-Care and Stewardship, and many practical considerations that challenge students to establish their lives on the foundation of the Word of God.